Ramadan Mubarak!

Picture-of-Ramadan-Kareem-Meaning-1We are happy to announce that the holy month of Ramadan will start on Thursday May 17. Inshallah, we will start praying Taraweeh on the evening of Wednesday May 16.

Download the MCCUC Prayer Schedule for Ramadan 2018.

If you like to sponsor a weekend Iftar, please contact Rana sahib at 908-612-5100. If you would like to contribute towards the Iftar, the cost is $8.50 per person.

Iftar Dinner Check List:

  1. Arrive early to setup the place for iftar.
  2. You are responsible for providing all utensils for your iftar dinner.
  3. Please bring 200 of the following: Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Spoons, bowls, napkins
  4. Bring paper towels, garbage bags, water, soda and the burners.
  5. After Iftar dinner, please clean up: clean all your utensils and take them with you, clean up all the tables, any utensils used from MCCUC must be washed, close all garbage bags, carry them outside and place them in the garbage area.

MCCUC wishes you and your family a blessed Ramadan.

MCCUC Carnival

thumbnailSaturday May 5 @ 1:00pm

MCCUC Sunday School Mini Carnival will be held once again on Saturday May 5 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm at MCCUC. There is a $2 entry fee.

Please join us with your families for Fun games, food court, clothing stalls, Bounce house, cotton candy and much more!

For vendor opportunities, please contact 908-875-9199 to reserve a table.