Sunday School Starts 9/17

sunday2 2017 2018MCCUC Sunday School will begin this Sunday, September 17, 2017.

Enroll your children now and prepare the next generation of our leaders, inshaAllah.

School starts at 10:00 am. Come earlier to register.

Volunteers are also needed.

  1. MCCUC Sunday School Student Registration Form
  2. MCCUC Sunday School 2017_2018 Schd.
  3. MCCUC Sunday School Student Guidelines and Regulations
  4. School closing memo
  5. Student Photo Video Release _ Medical Emergency Form
  6. MCCUC Teacher Application
  7. MCCUC Sunday School Volunteer Application

Eid Festival

Sunday September 10 @ 1:30pm

Inshallah, MCCUC will be hosting a potluck on Sunday, September 10th from Zuhr 130 pm to Asr 6 pm, please come with your family and enjoy a day of fun. Please bring one large tray of a dish of your choice, let us know what you will be bringing to share with your MCCUC family…

This is what we have so far for our Sunday Eid Milan:

Haleem, Dahi bara chat, Plain rice (2), Pulao (2) w/raita, Baked chicken, Chicken Cury, Mix vegetables and Aaloo goshat

Kheer, Kudo ki Kheer, Jalabi, Kulfa