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As-salamu alaykum, The Muslim Community Center of Union County is honored to announce that the holy month of Ramadan, the month of Mercy, will begin on Friday, April 24, 2020. MCCUC will follow the state of New Jersey official guidelines, therefore all the activities will remain suspended until the ban on congregation for Jummah prayers and Taraweeh is lifted. Taraweeh prayers shall be performed at home. It can be done by reciting shorter Surahs, and you can repeat the same Surahs repeatedly, 2 men can make a Jamat. During the Holy month of Ramadan MCCUC will offer virtual recitations, lectures and dua at Maghrib. Link for online activities: https://zoom.us/j/9089651001 (zoom id 908-965-1001).

01:45 pm Daily Quranic Recitation for the elders

05:00 pm Daily Quranic classes for the kids

07:00 pm (45 minutes prior to Iftar), dars by Alvi Sb., this will lead into iftar dua, during dars, Alvi Sb. will cover tafseer for one Surah (Chapter) each day starting w/Al-Fatihah on Ramadan 1st

- Ramadan 1-10 07:15 pm

- Ramadan 11-20 7:30 pm

- Ramadan 21-30 7:30 pm

08:15 pm (45 minutes before Isha), Quran recitation for community members daily, Alvi Sb. will cover 1.5 sipara during the first 10 days, then, one para per day

- Ramadan 1-10 08:15 pm

- Ramadan 11-20 9:00 pm

- Ramadan 21-30 09:15 pm

May Allah (the Most Exalted, the Most High) shower us all with His unending blessings and Mercy during this month. May He free us all from the Fire and bring us all nearer to Him through our worship, Ameen.

Ramadan Mubarak to you all


On-Line MCCUC Programs:

Link to join - https://zoom.us/j/9089651001 (please mute your phone as soon as you join.


- Daily Dars by Imam Alvi Sb. starting @ 6:30 pm

- Quranic class for kids: Monday – Friday 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

- Fajr Quranic / Arabic class 7 days a week

Once a week

- Ladies Program: Tuesday 11:00 am by Alvi Sb.

- Zikr by Shaykh Ahsan Saliman from Maryland Saturday @ 6:30 pm

Other programs

- Tajweed class for girls and sisters only by Sister Linda: Saturday at 10:00 am

- Youth program: open

- Elder program: open

Ask family and friends to join MCCUC chat group



15th Sha’ban (Nisfe Shabaan) - Wednesday April 8, 2020, By Imam Alvi Sb. - It is recommended to fast on Thursday - Wednesday Kids quranic class is canceled - Wednesday Dars is canceled - MCCUC Nisfe Shabaan program will begin at 7:30 pm Before sunset recite Wednesday during the day (before the sunset) recite: -darood paak 100 times -surah Dukhan 7 times -third kalma 313 times -Tasbeeh of Malaika 100 times ((SubhanAllahi wa bihamdahi subhanAllahi azeem wa bihamdahi Astagfirullah) -Darood paak 100 times. After sunset: - After maghrib namaz, please perform 6 extra rakats of nafl as follows: - 2 rakats for daraziye umar bil-khair (May Allah swt prolong our life filled with prosperity) - 2 rakats for dafa-e-bala (May Allah swt protect us from all types of calamity) - 2 rakats for "makhlook ka mohtaaj na hone ki niyyat se (may Allah swt protect us from depending on others) - After every 2 rakat recite surah yaseen once, surah ikhlaas 21 times, and then dua-e-nisfe shabaan (Alvi Sb. will recite) After Salat ul Isha - 2 rakats of salat ul toba - 2 rakats of salat ul hajat - 2 rakats of salat ul Shafa Insha’Allah Alvi Sb. will be online from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (4/8/2020) MCCUC Nisfe Shabaan Program https://zoom.us/j/9089651001?pwd=YTBZcUVDRWhPY0s4SlVKMUlNR2lqUT09 Password: 538848 (incase zoom requires a password)


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