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Khatam al-Quran & Finishing Quran Majeed in 3 days

As-salamu alaykum, Important announcements, Insha’Allah - Khatam al-Quran 5/19 @ 9:15 pm - Fund raiser starting at 9:30 pm (5/19) - Finishing Quran Majeed in 3 days (2:00 pm to 6:00 pm) Wednesday 5/20, Thursday 5/21 and Friday 5/22 We get another chance to finish Quranic Recitation in Ramadan Please plan your day accordingly, charge up your phone / laptop and be ready to follow Alvi Sb. and earn 3 types rewards in 3 days, it can’t get better than this! Reward 1. By just listening to the recitation Reward 2. By reciting Quran (in your heart) while Alvi Sb leads the recitation Reward 3. By just touching the Quranic Ayaat and following Alvi Sb’s recitation (Chapter/Juz details will be provided in the live chat) - Link to join: (zoom id 908-965-1001) - 5:00 pm Kids Quranic classes will be suspended this week


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