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Nisfe Shabaan by Imam Alvi Sb.

15th Sha’ban (Nisfe Shabaan) - Wednesday April 8, 2020, By Imam Alvi Sb. - It is recommended to fast on Thursday - Wednesday Kids quranic class is canceled - Wednesday Dars is canceled - MCCUC Nisfe Shabaan program will begin at 7:30 pm Before sunset recite Wednesday during the day (before the sunset) recite: -darood paak 100 times -surah Dukhan 7 times -third kalma 313 times -Tasbeeh of Malaika 100 times ((SubhanAllahi wa bihamdahi subhanAllahi azeem wa bihamdahi Astagfirullah) -Darood paak 100 times. After sunset: - After maghrib namaz, please perform 6 extra rakats of nafl as follows: - 2 rakats for daraziye umar bil-khair (May Allah swt prolong our life filled with prosperity) - 2 rakats for dafa-e-bala (May Allah swt protect us from all types of calamity) - 2 rakats for "makhlook ka mohtaaj na hone ki niyyat se (may Allah swt protect us from depending on others) - After every 2 rakat recite surah yaseen once, surah ikhlaas 21 times, and then dua-e-nisfe shabaan (Alvi Sb. will recite) After Salat ul Isha - 2 rakats of salat ul toba - 2 rakats of salat ul hajat - 2 rakats of salat ul Shafa Insha’Allah Alvi Sb. will be online from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (4/8/2020) MCCUC Nisfe Shabaan Program Password: 538848 (incase zoom requires a password)


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